Practice Areas

Corporations, insurance companies and individuals facing lawsuits for personal injury and property damage routinely rely on Kelley Jasons for aggressive, effective representation.  Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating catastrophic loss claims and counseling clients on how to avoid them.

 Toxic Exposure

Asbestos, Benzene, Talc, Toxic Fumes, Herbicides/Insecticides, Industrial Chemicals

Our firm has been a leader in the toxic exposure defense bar for the past four decades. We have represented more than 100 different defendants in asbestos litigation, including manufacturers, distributors, contractors, premises owners, and employers. Our lawyers have tried latent disease cases in multiple jurisdictions, and we have litigated many key issues in federal and state appellate courts.  Having handled virtually every type of toxic tort claim, we have the experience and expertise to take on the toughest cases in the most challenging jurisdictions.

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Product Liability

Electrical Products, Motion Control Products, Industrial Machinery, Consumer Products, Building Products

Our firm represents a broad range of manufacturers, designers, and distributors in product defect claims.  These cases frequently involve catastrophic injuries, extensive property damage, and complex engineering questions, and our lawyers are adept at presenting these issues to a jury.  We have obtained successful outcomes in cases involving cranes, electrical equipment, computer equipment, flow control equipment, automobiles, and industrial presses.

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Construction Accident

Workplace Injury, Contractor Liability, Architect/Engineer Liability, Defense and Indemnity Claims

Our firm has extensive experience defending contractors, architects, engineers, and employers in construction accident cases. We have access to the medical and engineering expert resources required to defend these claims. We also have the experience and knowledge required to navigate the complex indemnity and lien issues typically at play in construction litigation.

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Premises Liability

Slip and Fall, Construction Defect, Workplace Violence, Inadequate Security

Our firm has represented major retailers and restaurants in slip-and-fall injury and false arrest cases. We have handled high profile workplace violence cases, obtaining summary judgment in a case involving the shooting death of an employee by another employee. Effective defense of these cases requires aggressive use of video evidence and a thorough understanding of building standards. Our lawyers are well versed in these issues.

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General Liability

Auto/Trucking Accidents, Professional Liability, General Negligence

Our general liability practice encompasses defense of a wide array of claims, including automobile and trucking accidents, common carrier claims and professional liability. Representative cases include defense of a rail car manufacturer in injury claims, legal malpractice defense, and dram shop liability cases.

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Appellate Practice

Our lawyers have briefed and argued numerous cases in state and federal appellate courts. Our record of success includes reversals of adverse verdicts, obtaining new trials and jnov on appeal and affirmances of excellent trial court results achieved by our lawyers.  We are proud to have litigated key issues in toxic tort litigation involving legal standards for viable causes of action and punitive damages.

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Coordinating Counsel

In the current mass tort environment, it is not unusual for companies to face hundreds or even thousands of cases in multiple jurisdictions against several different plaintiff firms. Strategic decisions and results in one jurisdiction will inevtably affect cases in other jurisdictions. Our firm has considerable experience in coordination and management of volume litigation for clients, providing consistent and cost effective representation.

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